About us

Our Story

We are a company with deep-rooted values of family and loyalty. 
Over 40 years ago a young family man decided that he wanted to build a long-lasting family legacy. Adam Senior had been working in the upholstery business making sofas for other retailers and due to his love of furniture chose to open his own shop in Blackburn. 
The shop started to slowly expand to selling dining, cabinet and accessories with the reputation growing. Adam Seniors’ dream for a family legacy was coming true. 
Our biggest expansion came 8 years ago in which we began creating new designs and styles in order to import our own products. This was the creation of Giatalia with Adam Junior delving deeper into the creative side. 
Giatalia is the part of the business that experiments with the designs of our furniture; looking to keep up to date with current trends and be a leader in the market. For all future pieces we create furniture in a thoughtful manner, designing items for functionality as well as beauty. 
With this; Giatalia can offer high quality, beautifully designed products at a great price without forfeiting customer service. We refuse to compromise on our products and always endeavour to give quality, comfort and built to last products. 

In August 2020 we expanded our warehouse and now have over 300,000 square foot of property; meaning that we can stock more of our stunning furniture. We are excited to look to the future to create more products and delve a little deeper into the furniture world of new designs and creations.  
When Giatalia grows; so, does our whole team. What started as Adam Senior starting a business has expanded into a twenty-person team from all walks of life. We have a team mix of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. 
Or as Adam Senior likes to say: his second family.